Oregon Zoo & other Metro venues

The Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo serves as an important educational opportunity for many people with limited resources, particularly children. The animals housed there must be well treated and the people working there afforded professional respect and pay levels. Zoo efforts to assist in protection of endangered species should be enhanced.  Outreach educational efforts such a traveling “wild animal awareness” programs could be expanded. I would support the reestablishment of the Zoo Train if it is technically feasible and the public authorizes the expense.

Pioneer Cemeteries

Metro has a sacred obligation to maintain the historical links with the past that these cemeteries represent. Metro should seek to enhance the educational and community values that these locations can provide and maintain them in a manner that shows respect for the past and enhances their local community.

Performance Venues

I will ensure that our performance venues meet the highest standards of environmental sustainability and public access. I will make sure that sustainability and energy efficiency are at high levels and that all persons working in these venues are assured “living wage” compensation levels. These venues are an important cultural and tourist attractor and they need to be fully maintained, easily accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.